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Who We Are...

Starting with just sixteen founding members, Holy Trinity Anglican Church began meeting on Thursday nights at the campus of Ortega Presbyterian Church.  Soon after we changed to Sunday evenings. By the end of 2010, our membership had nearly tripled.

In May of 2011, Holy Trinity Anglican Church committed to building and sustaining the legacy by establishing a fund to purchase the historic campus of the former Trinity United Methodist Church on Eloise Street in the Avondale section of Jacksonville. This was accomplished without debt. What a joy to watch God truly open all of the doors.

Today, the entire campus including the Church building, downstairs Trinity Hall and the adjacent Educational and Administrative offices have been beautifully renovated and are frequently used as a meeting place for many groups, some a part of Holy Trinity and others just appreciative of the access.

Holy Trinity was established and rests today upon the written and preached Word of God. We love God, thank God, and worship God in the Anglican tradition. We understand there is one God, and believe the Scriptures contain all things necessary for salvation".

We believe the Christian life involves regular praise, prayer and Bible study, both private and public. We believe Jesus established Holy Communion as a shared ‘meal’ which we eat together in Jesus’ name.